cb2Bib Citer

The cb2Bib Citer is a keyboard based module for inserting citation IDs into a working document. Conveniently, the command c2bciter, or its expansion cb2bib –citer, can be assigned to a global, desktop wide shortcut key. This will provide an easy access to the citer from within any text editor. Pressing the shortcut turns on and off the citer panel. Once appropriate references are selected, pressing key C sets the citations either to the clipboard or to a LyX pipe, closes the citer panel, and returns keyboard focus to the editor.

By default, c2bciter loads all references from the current directory, specified in the cb2Bib main panel. On the desktop tray, the cb2Bib icon indicates that the citer is running. Its context menu offers the possibility to load other files or directories, or to toggle full screen mode.

Search, filtering, navigation, and citation are keyword based. Pressing keys A, I, J, T, and Y sorts the references by author, included date, journal, title, and year, respectively. Key F initiates filtering, and Esc leaves filtering mode. References are selected when pressing enter. Key S toggles the current selection display, and Del clears the selection. The combination Shift + letter navigates through the rows starting by the letter.

Advanced filtering capabilities are available after indexing the documents. Document indexing, or term or key sentence extraction, is performed by clicking the tray icon menu action Index Documents. Once indexing is done and after clicking Refresh, pressing K displays the document extracted keywords, and pressing G, the collection glossary of terms. On a keyword, pressing R display all documents indexed by the keyword. On a document, pressing R display related documents. Relatedness is set from keyword based similarity measures.

Key sequence Alt+C toggles clipboard connection on and off. When connection is on, the clipboard contents is set, each time it changes, as the filter string. This provides a fast way to retrieve a given reference while browsing elsewhere.

   Usage:      cb2bib --citer [dirname1 [dirname2 ... ]]
               cb2bib --citer [filename1.bib [filename2.bib ... ]]

   Display Keys
      A        author - journal - year - title
      I        included date - title
      J        journal - year - author
      T        title
      Y        year - author - journal - title

   Filter Keys
      D        Delete last filter
      F        Enter pattern filter mode
      G        Toggle glossary of terms view
      K        Toggle document keywords view
      R        Display related documents

      Left     Move to previous filtered view
      Right    Move to next filtered view

   Action Keys
      C        Cite selected citations and close citer window
      Del      Unselect all citations
      E        Edit current citation's source
      Enter    Select current citation
      Esc      Exit filter mode or close citer window
      O        Open current citation's file
      S        Display the set of selected citations
      V        Display document excerpts in keywords view
      Shift+   Keyboard search naviagation
      U        Open current citation's URL
      W        Write notes using Annote

   Tray Icon Actions
      F1       Citer help
      Ctrl+O   Open BibTeX directory
      Alt+O    Open BibTeX files
      F5       Refresh
      Ctrl+F   Search in files
      Alt+L    Set Lyx pipe
      F2       Toggle cb2Bib
      Alt+C    Toggle clipboard
      Alt+F    Toggle full screen
               Index documents

See also Release Note cb2Bib 1.3.0, Release Note cb2Bib 1.4.0, Release Note cb2Bib 1.4.7, cb2Bib Command Line and cb2Bib Annote.