cb2Bib Extracting Data from the Clipboard

Clipboard contents is processed according to the following rules:

  • Perform external, user-defined preparsing on input stream. See Configuring Clipboard.
  • Perform user-defined substitutions on input stream. See Configuring Clipboard.
  • Check if input stream is already a BibTeX entry. If so, process entry.
  • Check if input stream is, in this order of preference, a PubMed XML, arXiv XML, CR JSON, or Medline entry. If so, process entry.
  • Preprocess author names: PI JOAN III -> Pi III, J. (care of name prefixes, suffixes, and removal of ambiguities).

If otherwise,

  • Extract DOI
    (DOI, URL and FILE/PDF are preprocessed, performed before the automatic recognition takes place.)
  • Extract URL
  • Remove leading and trailing white spaces, TABs and CRs.
  • “\r\n”, “\n” and/or “\r” replaced by the line indicator tag <NewLineN>.
  • Replace “\t” and ten or more consecutive “\s” by the tabular tag <TabN>.
  • Simplify white spaces
  • Start the automatic recognition engine.

If the automatic recognition engine fails, optionally, a heuristic guessing will be performed.

See also Field Recognition Rules and Reading and Writing Bibliographic Metadata.