cb2Bib Command Line

The complete listing of command line uses follows.

 Usage: cb2bib
        cb2bib [action] [filename1 [filename2 ... ]] [--conf [filename.conf]]

        --configure [filename.conf]                        Edit configuration

        --bibedit [filename1.bib [filename2.bib ... ]]     Edit/browse BibTeX files
        --citer [filename1.bib   [filename2.bib ... ]]     Start cb2Bib citer
        --import tmp_reference_filename                    Import reference, usually from ad hoc websites

        --doc2bib fn1.doc [fn2.doc ... ] reference.bib     Extract reference from document file
        --txt2bib fn1.txt [fn2.txt ... ] reference.bib     Extract reference from text file

        --index [bibdirname]                               Extract keywords from document files

        --html-annote filename.tex                         Convert annote file to HTML
        --view-annote filename.tex                         Convert and visualize annote file
        --view-annote filename.tex.html                    Visualize annote file

        --conf [filename.conf]                             Use configuration file
        --sloppy                                           Accept guesses in automatic reference extraction

        cb2bib                                             Start cb2Bib extraction panel
        cb2bib --import tmp_reference_filename             Import reference
        cb2bib --bibedit filename.bib                      Edit BibTeX filename.bib
        cb2bib --conf                                      Start cb2Bib in USB mode
        cb2bib --doc2bib *.pdf references.bib              Extract references from PDF title pages

  -Use switch --conf to particularize specific settings for specific actions.
  -The file cb2bib.conf must be readable and writable. If it does not exist, cb2Bib will create one
   based on predefined defaults.
  -If starting cb2Bib from a removable media, use the command 'cb2bib --conf' without configuration
   filename. Settings will be read from and written to /cb2bib/full/path/cb2bib.conf, being therefore
   independent of the mounting address that the host computer will provide.
  -To import references from a browser select when asked c2bimport, which expands to 'cb2bib --import %f'.
   The browser will provide the temporary reference filename.
  -A number of factors influence the reliability of automatic extractions. Consider writing customized
   regular expressions and network queries, and use metadata when available.

  -The commands --doc2bib and --txt2bib do not append the references to the references.bib. They create
   a new file, or silently overwrite it if already exists.