cb2Bib Predefined Placeholders

Cite and Document ID Placeholders

  • <<author_all_abbreviated>> Takes first three letters of the last word of all authors’s last name in cite, and converts to lowercase.
  • <<author_all_initials>> Takes capitalized initials of all authors in cite.
  • <<author_first>> Takes first author last name.
  • <<author_first_lowercase>> Takes first author last name in lowercase.
  • <<citeid>> This placeholder is meant to be used alone, and only for document IDs. It takes the pattern defined for the cite ID. If the cite ID is modified manually, the document ID is synchronized automatically.
  • <<journal_initials>> Takes capitalized initials of journal name.
  • <<pages_first>> First page.
  • <<ppages_first>> First page, written as, e. g., ‘p125’.
  • <<title>> Title. To truncate titles exceeding a maximum length l use <<title_l>>, where l stands for an integer value.
  • <<title_underscored>> Title with blanks set to underscores. To truncate title to l characters use <<title_underscored_l>>.
  • <<title_first_word>> First word in title, in lowercase.
  • <<volume>> Volume number.
  • <<year_abbreviated>> Last two digits from year.
  • <<year_full>> All digits from year.

Note: If author is empty, editor will be considered instead. On conference proceedings or monographs this situation is usual. Similarly, if title is empty, booktitle is considered.

Note: Only one placeholder of a given field, e. g. <<author_first>> or <<author_all_initials>>, should be used to compose the ID patterns. cb2Bib only performs one substitution per field placeholder.

Note: cb2Bib performs a series of string manipulations, such as stripping diacritics and ligatures, aimed to provide ID values suitable for BibTeX keys and platform independent filenames. Currently only ASCII characters are considered.

Cite Command Placeholders

  • <<citeid>> The citeid placeholder replicates the pattern for each citation in the selected citation list. For example, the pattern \citenum{<<citeid>>} expands to \citenum{cid1} \citenum{cid2} ...
  • <<prefix|citeids|separator>> The citeids placeholder replaces the selected citation list by prepending prefix and appending separator within the pattern. For example, the markdown pattern [<<@|citeids|;>>] expands to [@cid1; @cid2; ...], and the LaTeX pattern \citeauthor{<<|citeids|,>>} expands to \citeauthor{cid1, cid2, ...}.

Note: For additional information on cite commands see LaTeX Bibliography Management and Pandoc User’s Guide.