Customized Software Solutions for Chemistry

We offer consulting and customized software applications in the areas of

  • Chemometrics and data modeling
  • Instrumental analysis
  • UV/IR Spectroscopy
  • Process control and optimization
  • Computational Chemistry

Automation of laboratory and plant processes

  • Acquisition and processing of sensor and camera data
  • Interconnection of readers and process databases
  • Real-time visualization of the reaction information
Customized software to automate laboratory and plant processes

Software for real-time process control and optimization

Additional Automation Software Information

Analytical NIR (Near Infrared Spectroscopy)

  • ANIR® software base
  • Automated calibration and processing
  • Extensively used in cereals, meats, pigments, additives, fragrances, wood, and plastics analyses
  • Process Analytical Technology and Quality Control integration
Analytical NIR

ANIR · Analytical NIR · Software for laboratories and industries

Additional ANIR Information

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